Scribbles of a Space Turkey

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Andrew Griffith’s the one who designed him.

my bad, correction has been made, thanks genericoverlord

Warm up sketch before work of Flatline from RiD (shows up in mtmte too in dark cybertron). I really love Andrew Griffith’s design of him.


Hey all you new followers, hows it going?
Welcome to…uuuh my blog and my art blog


I couldn’t find and/or have time to make a smiling or waving gif, so have a picture of a Reaper destroying a bridge instead.

Finished this last commission I had on the back burner.  
crap spitpaints from this morning
A very young family member asked for a sketch of wonder woman from justice league war. How could I say no? 
quick sketch for a another picture idea of secondstorm. 
warm up speedpaints


this morning’s half hour speedpaint before work.

Half an hour? …………….

It’s a habit I picked up from College. Our teacher would make us spend half an hour, every morning, doing speedpaints. I do this now at work. I don’t post every speedpaint because honestly some things just look like I sneezed on the monitor.