Scribbles of a Space Turkey
Sorry guys!

I had to clean out this blog a bit, got rid of a few things that ended up getting put into a game’s pitch so I had to delete them for legal reasons. It’s both awesome and lame because i wanted to post the finished portrait and paintings, but if they get used for a game, not all bad right? 
The finals will get posted when I get the okay though, so yay? (although it could be a year from now…)


Holoform Whirl.Maybe sell as a t-shirt or sticker? Any interest? (with out the watermark of course)Art by theangrybee / heterochromiaturian

It’s available on redbubble as a t-shirt or sticker.
Fun Strongarm livestream drawing, thanks to everyone for joining me in the stream, I haven’t been feeling well, so it cheered me up.
Forgot to post the picture of this gossipy nerd.I added sharp teeth because I can.Sorry guys, I honestly forget to post on this blog. 
Really messy sketchy speedpaint  gifty thing for relay314 who has done so much art for me over the years.Just trying to get a feel for Relay’s amazing OC, Geardust. One day i wanna make something really cool of Geardust. (i reeeaaally like drawing oc’s)(thanks to everyone who stopped by my livestream btw)
It’s just a bit early (and messy) but I panicked because I get so caught up in my work that I forget to do birthday stuff for people. (I am a terrible friend).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sneakymedulla !!!!!!! I figured you’d like a pic of Lockdown, so I took another crack at drawing the dork.
Having an off painting/drawing day, bleagh, time to deposit myself in front of the tv for the rest of the holiday.
One of my speedpaint roughs that I will be fully painting later on for the norwescon art show next year.
Warm up sketch before work of Flatline from RiD (shows up in mtmte too in dark cybertron). I really love Andrew Griffith’s design of him.