Scribbles of a Space Turkey

collab between meeeee and heterochromiaturian ahahahahrfarfarfarfarf
i was wondering what to draw and cherryprettycmo was like “HEY YO YO”
and i was like “okae”
i did the lines, mad did the colors

Med and I collab at 3am, weeeeeeeee(posting on the art blog since i did the colors derp)
I found this on my harddrive while cleaning out my computer…. 
Didn’t feel like speedpainting for warm up today. Have a dumb mtmte sketch where I didn’t draw whirl in it for once. 
Speedpainting of my original character, DM, I started on a livestream from Monday and finally got around to finishing during my lunch break.Art by me, theangrybee/heterochromiaturian
I saw some of the side work you did for hasbro, really great stuff, but I have to ask, is there a reason why you do not post much on your sketch blog?

I am just going to post a screenshot from my recent twitter post to answer this.

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I had a few minutes of my break left to sketch this out really quick, after coming back from a local pub with my co-workers for lunch.Maybe when my new cintiq arrives, I can actually finish this.FAT FACED CUTE ROBOT THAT TURNS INTO A CHERRY PICKER.His name is Ledge. 
Just wanted to say that I love your new blog layout! It looks very clean and the space background is great :) .

Thanks! :D Saw a few other people using this layout and thought I would give it a whirl.

Heh Whirl.

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herp a derp, must fill sketchbook full of robots and monsters… but first…eh.. this…i may or may not have used myself as ref. Not space turkey enough.
Art Theft

Again, any use of my art with-out my permission or any clients permissions, you will receive or the site you host those images on,  a DMCA report filed against them. I no longer ask the user/poster. 

Thank you.

Heads up

Not sure how long it will be but my cintiq died so i will be returning it this weekend (it’s not even a year old >:| ).
Hopefully it will be a few days until my new one comes in but until then I will just be posting SKETCHBOOK images, EEEWWWW.